T-Minus 15 Days...


Y'know how you hear "Seemed like a good idea at the time"?  Well, I'm still at the good idea stage of this project.  Some of the pleasing images coursing through my mind include: happy people slapping their thighs, bent over with mirth, tears streaming, ribs aching; awestruck people with mouths open, eyebrows raised, not daring to believe the depth and richness of what they've just heard; children begging their parents to stay, foregoing the ice cream truck, mesmerized by what they're witnessing.  And that's just the airport.

There are one or two questions marks with respect to how things are going to play out on this trip.

For example...

- Seb has never ridden a bike for more than 30 minutes, and that was when he was nine.

- I am, in my natural state, disinclined to approach people and try and pitch them on doing something.  Not to be confused with approaching people and yabbering inconsequentially - I'm totally inclined toward that.  So when people say "What's the deal with the chair?" and I tell them we're collecting jokes and stories, they may well go "Huh...", and I'll say "Yep...", and the awkward silence will go on and on, only to be saved by gunshots, sirens, or prayer.