Adventures on the Wrong Side of the Road



Gandhi: Be the change you want to see in the world.


Barc: Does changing your mind count?


Gandhi: Is it a powerful change?


Barc: Well, there are all kinds of power…




Now where was I in this exciting adventure…


Oh yeah! NOW I remember! I was prostrate at the side of the road, steeped in physical and mental anguish, watching my self-esteem free fall to the ninth circle of hell. Gosh, seems like ages ago.


Here’s how I fixed my unhappy situation:


1)   Pedaled to my Warmshowers host at time-lapse-photography speed.

2)   Made conversation and ate dinner, I think…

3)   Tried to throw myself into the arms of Morpheus but tripped on my way to the bed, so I sort of oozed onto his feet. It was a bit gross.

4)   Called Maxine the next morning to please come save me, cuz I never wanted to ride a bike again.

5)   Called her back to say, actually, I probably would ride my bike again, someday, but please still come save me.

6)   Got saved, then rented a hatchback.

7)   For two months.

8)   Placed my bike inside, gently and with reverence, and stood for a few moments watching the first few dust molecules cling to the frame.

9)   Got in the car, realized there was no steering wheel in front of me, and switched seats.

10) Started driving, mostly remembering to drive on the wrong side, except for a few uncomfortably exciting moments.




All that remained was to call June and tell her of the change of plans. I happened to record the phone call…