An Explanation...

Two polite Canadians, Barc and Seb, father and son, are cycling coast-to-coast across the southern U.S.A., towing a really big, really colourful, really heavy chair, inviting people we meet along the way to sit in the chair and tell us their favourite stories and jokes, and filming them - just for fun...

The Plan...

As with all well-laid plans, even bike tours based largely upon serendipity, things may change at the first engagement with forces unknown. For now, however, only the finest, most entertaining, most engaging videos - in the world according to Barc - will be uploaded for your viewing pleasure.  As the days pass, while you wait for moving pictures to arrive, Seb will post photos and Barc will write pithy blog entries, leaning heavily upon hyperbole and injustice collection.  Pretty pictures and petty prose - Seb and I (Barc) hope you enjoy the experience.



No jokes yet.  Frankly, my Canadian friends just aren't very funny.

A theme is emerging among the many well wishers expressing support for our ride.  Please circle the answer you think most closely matches that theme:

A)  Barc!  What an adventure!  Does mental illness run in June's family too or does Seb stand half a chance of having escaped your chemical imbalance?

B)  Barc!  What an adventure!  You know that this chair of yours is going to attract the attention of every unstable, marginalized, gun-toting, you-only-live-once-and-you've-lived-long-enough crazy south of the 37th parallel.  Is that what you want?

C)  Barc!  What an adventure!  It's not everyone who risks not only his own life but his son's life too!  Hope you go first!!

D)  Barc!  What an adventure!  It's so random, so possibly pointless, so ultimately weird, it... it... it just seems so YOU!!!

E) All of the above!

I know what you're thinking: sometimes there are no right answers...

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